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My Journey to Becoming a Lactation Consultant

When I stumbled into motherhood for the first time at age 20, I didn’t even consider breastfeeding. I remember being asked “breast or bottle?” by the nurses at the doctor’s office and the hospital. I remember reading materials from the doctor’s office that indicated there must be some women out there who fed their babies from their breasts. But I didn’t personally know any of them. All my friends and all the adult women I knew bottle fed. (I still didn’t think of my friends and myself as “adults.”)

 When I had my second baby, as a 27-year-old RN by that time, I had learned more about the benefits of breastfeeding, and my friends had begun to breastfeed their babies. I hesitantly told my husband that I was thinking of breastfeeding, uncertain of how he would feel about it. It turned out his own mother had breastfed him and his five siblings, and he assumed that this was what I would do. We attended a breastfeeding class together at the hospital where we both worked, where I was given…