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Why Do Pregnant Women Cry?

As I recently reached into my purse and pulled out my wallet, I remembered the time my loving husband proudly presented me with that wallet. I responded with gratitude that he had bought me something nice, and I graciously thanked him for it.   Then I cried about it in secret. 
I was almost 40 and very pregnant with my seventh child.  Ah, pregnancy! Of course. Why else would I be upset that my husband bought me a wallet? 
It was way more money than I would have spent on a wallet. We had six kids and another on the way...somebody always needed something. I wouldn’t have picked that one. The style was what I would have chosen ten years before, when I was young, still kind of cute, and attempted to be more “stylish.” But Motherhood had transformed me into a practical and earthy woman. My pregnancy hormones convinced me that he must miss my younger, more stylish self.  “He doesn’t even know me anymore!”
I normally operate on logic and reason, not emotions. It was a big frustration to me d…